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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Quality Policy

ANSCO is a JIS certified company, which has made effrot to meet more consumer needs.
Additionally, we have also introduced the quality management system to be a gloval player which can supply higher quality products and useful service.

ISO9001:2015 certified

Certified body:PJR
Registered No.:C2018-04248
Latest issue:2021/11/25

Introduction of quality equipment


[Left] A device that automatically sends measured values to a PC → It helps inspectors to take time and prevent mistakes.

[Right] Automatic measuring instrument → It is possible to measure multiple points at once, which leads to time saving.

We will continue to introduce new equipment and carry out activities that lead to stable quality.

Activities for quality improvement

Activities for quality improvement

In order to make use of the result of TPS learning, site remendiation project has been conducted in each of the 2 plants.

Not only this kind of improvement activity, 5s patrol has also been frequently conducted.